What Are the Best Fake Eyelashes

Do you want to really make your eyes pop? Your eyes are the windows to your soul and the eyelashes are their window frame. The appearance of your lashes contribute a great deal to drawing attention to your eyes and making you look your very best. The eyes are a big part of the impression you make on others which is why it makes sense to want the very best fake eyelashes applied.

False or fake eyelashes is the easiest way to get this kind of make over and start looking more gorgeous and awake. There are a lot of options though… So how do you go about choosing the best fake eyelashes? This and much more we included in this complete one-stop-shop guide to make it smooth sailing for you to get those eyes poppin’.

Ultimate best fake eyelashes table guide


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What Are Fake Eyelashes in the First Place?

For those of you who don’t know, fake eyelashes are as the word implies manufactured eyelashes that you can apply to enhance the beauty of your eyes and face. These types of lashes have been around for decades but have long been thought to be mainly for models and actresses. However, in recent years they have gained a lot of popularity among everyday women with various home kits becoming available, for weekends or even as a part of everyday make up.

Strips or Individual Lashes?

There are two primary types of false eyelashes, which are those that come in strips and individual ones. The best fake eyelashes for you will depend on personal taste and occasion.

Eyelash strips

Those of you who have tried false eyelashes from the beauty supply store before are likely to have used strips. These come in one piece, making them a bit easier to apply. They are usually applied by adding adhesive to the base of the strips and then pressing it right above the upper line of lashes. Some good mascara will help them blend in well with the natural eyelashes.

They come in various materials and lengths. This means you can choose to have them look completely natural adding volume to your natural ones, or you can go with a more dramatic style.

Individual eyelashes

This type of false eyelashes come in singular strand that you can add to your natural ones as you may choose. You can add them where you natural lashes have become sparse. You can also add longer ones to the corners of your eyes for a cat-eye effect. These can be trickier to apply though and may prove to be a rather time-consuming task to do by yourself if you don’t have previous experience.

Choose the Best Fake Eyelashes for Your Eyes Shape

When choosing what false eyelashes to get you should consider the shape of your eyes. The best fake eyelashes are good at subtly shifting the appearance of your eye shape in the direction you want. You could call it a sort of cosmetic camouflage (sounds cool doesn’t it?). Being born with a certain eye shape does not mean they have to look that way at all times. Matching the right kind with your eye type is important to get the results you want. Below are some guidelines you can follow to choose the best fake eyelashes for the shape of your eyes.

- Hooded and wide-set eyes - Lashes that are longer in the middle tend to do best her, drawing attention to the width and making the eyes look innocent and even bigger.

- Deep set eyes - Long full lashes are generally the way to go, to make the eyes seem less hidden and to help draw attention.

- Round eyes - Usually corner-only false lashes do best here and make the eyes appear longer and more sensual.

- Almond eyes - Though beautiful with our without false lashes, we would choose ones longer at the ends to make these types of eyes even more exotic.


How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

Once you’ve chosen the best fake eye lashes for yourself, you need to know how to apply them. If you have never done it before this can be a little tough. To help you with the process we have put together some steps for you to follow.

1. Wash the skin on the eye-lid where you are to apply the false eyelashes.

2. Measure the length so that it fits your shape of eye. If needed you can shorten it with your nail scissors.

3. Holding the edges of the false eye lash, bend it to form the letter C. Hold still for a moment, this is to make it mold more easily to your eye shape and reduce its straightness.

4. Apply a quality glue, the glue included with a kit isn’t always going to cut it if you want the best results. Be generous with the glue,      especially at the edges. Squeeze it on to the strip straight from the tube or use a toothpick or cotton swab to spread it out.

5. Let the glue breathe for 5-10 seconds, then apply it to the base line of your natural eye lashes, not on the eyelid. The glue will be clear when it dries.

6. Use mascara to make your natural and fake lashes mesh together beautifully.

This process is best explained in video so we included this great quick tutorial video. It has a lot of useful tips and tricks so enjoy!


How to Remove Fake Eyelashes

So you got them on and they looked great, but now they’ve served their purpose. How to get them off you might ask. It’s rather simple. The eyelashes should be removed before the rest of your eye makeup.

1. Soften the glue using an oily makeup remover on a swab dabbing along the eyelash base line.

2. Once softened, grab the corners of your fake lashes, close your eyes and slowly pull, working towards the middle of the eye.

3. Voila, you are the same old you again, for better or worse!


Common Questions Answered

Does it damage the real lashes? With the right glue, no it does not. Rough removal might though so just go easy when pulling them off.

Cheaper vs the more expensive fake eyelashes? When it comes to the best fake eyelashes you can get, generally the price will indicate quality and the cheaper brands are sadly not as good as the more expensive ones. Cheap ones may rip and bend where you don’t want them to and lead to some frustration. The quality of hair used is better with more expensive lashes, meaning you can sometimes use them several times, which makes up for the cheaper ones only good for one night. Conclusion – the best fake eyelashes will cost you a little extra.

Waterproof for swimming? Avoid putting your head under water when swimming and you should be fine. Water could loosen the adhesive used.

Here are our top 3 best fake eyelashes review favorites

Red Cherry Eyelashes - best fake eyelashes

Red Cherry #43 strips

One of our absolute favorites, these ones are great at making you eyes pop. Expect compliments and perhaps jealousy as well. The great quality and elegant appearance is what makes these one of the best fake eyelashes choices. One pair is good for using several times due to the high quality. They are long, they look natural and is made by a trusted brand. Coupled with the price offered by Amazon that makes this an economic first class deal. Highly recommended.



Eyelash kit - best fake eyelashes for starters Professional Individual Eyelash All-In-One

We included this among our favorites since it is a great pick for starters. If you don’t have all the other tools that are necessary when using false eyelashes, this has them included. It has false eyelashes of various lengths and a few extra of different colors for brave souls. Includes glue. Glue debonder. Lash cleanser. Brush. Scissors. Tweezers. Eyelash curler and eyelash comb. And more. No need to worry you’ve forgotten something when applying your eyelashes. This kit has what you need.



Bundle Monster Eyelashes Pack - best false eyelashes Bundle Monster Variety Pack

This is our third best fake eyelashes favourite simply because people are looking for different types of lashes and we aim to provide as many as possible with the alternative that best suits them. This is the top pick for those who love variety. If you like trying different styles of fake eyelashes or want to find your own style this way, this is the perfect product. It includes 7 different styles of eyelashes, 10 of each, totaling 70 fake eyelashes in total. This will last you a long time.



If you need an eyelash glue of high quality this one is cheap and highly recommended.
Duo Lash Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Ounce

Best glue - best fake eyelashes

Find your own favorite fake eyelashes and learn more HERE!! <—Amazon.com

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